Thank you so much celebrating with us and for contributing to our Honeyfund!


They met in college as many couples do.

Erin was a sophomore at the University of Pittsburgh and Mike walked into her life on his way to meet someone else. Mike was being set up with Erin's roommate on a date to fright night at Kennywood, an amusement park near Pitt. Erin decided to tag along with a group of people who was joining them because she had nothing better to do (it was college!). Erin was terrified of roller coasters, which, to this day, seriously confuses Mike. Her friends, both on dates with Mike and his friend (it was Rege obviously), convinced Erin to face her fear and ride a roller coaster. Erin decided this would be the day and got all the way to the front of the line, panicked and backed out. Meanwhile, Mike had already completed a successful ride on the same roller coaster and Erin's friends suggested she call Mike and wait with him, while they went. One phone call later and Erin and Mike were standing alone face-to-face. The rest is history. It's hearing "I love you" at Peter's Pub at Pitt at 2am, it's truly believing they were going to die because they had to spend a semester apart, it's moving in together in D.C. and then quickly moving out because of black mold, it's morning coffee with and without cream, dude ranches out West and an incredible December engagement. 

We are so lucky to have our history and our future, but we are also so lucky to have all of you! Thank you for celebrating with us!

-Erin & Mike